Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eating Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Try these tips to get your eating habits in check:

- Write down everything you eat.  By physically seeing everything you are putting in your body, in writing, it will encourage you to make better choices, especially when you add up the calories.  

- Eat at the kitchen table.  Don't eat in front of the TV, in bed or on the sofa.  Try to sit at a table and eat there for every meal...including snacks.  You will focus more on your meal instead of scarfing it down because you are focused on a TV show.

- Eat slowly and methodically.  If you eat too fast, your brain doesn't have enough time to tell your stomach that you are full.  As a result you might end up overeating and being stuffed.  If you eat slowly, you are more likely to eat less because the full feeling will hit you before you finish your plate.

- Drink a glass of water before your meal.  You will eat less because you will feel fuller.

- When you get a craving, wait for 5 minutes and see if the craving usually does.  You can also try clenching your fists and feet for 10 seconds....I know it's weird, but science says that it helps you overcome the craving.

- When possible, replace a craving with a workout or a brisk walk.  Your endorphins will kick in and you will be less likely to eat something that is unhealthy. 

- If you have the habit of eating even when you are not hungry, try drinking a glass of water instead of reaching for food.  Also, ask yourself aloud, "Am I really hungry", "Do I need to eat this right now", and even, "Am I going to feel guilty or worse after I eat this"?

- Lastly, remember to keep healthy options in your home and minimize buying things you indulge in.  You can still enjoy the foods you love, just don't overdo it.

Happy eating!

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