Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tips to Prevent Yourself from Over Indulging During the Super Bowl

NOTE: Originally Posted on February 4, 2011

The Super Bowl is approaching and with all of the parties going on, it's easy to consume thousands of calories before the game even starts.  You've had a beer (or two) and before you know it, your restraint is gone and you've eaten half the bowl of Doritos or chicken wings.  Here are some easy tips you can remember so that you can stay on track with your calorie consumption.  

1.  Drink a glass of water before you leave.  It will give you that full feeling and curb your appetite so that you are less likely to stuff your face.  Added benefit, it will hydrate you.
2.  Don't go to the party on an empty stomach.  Going on an empty stomach will actually cause you to eat more.  Skipping meals can increase your cravings and make you less discriminating in your choices.  Plus, it's never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach....you don't want to be that person dancing on the table at the end of the night.  :)
Tip:  Eats some nuts beforehand.  An apple with a Tbsp of almond butter is another great choice.
3.  Bring a healthy snack.  Ask your host/hostess if you could bring something to share.  Not only will it make you look good, but it will make you feel good too.  Some ideas:  veggie platter, fruit platter and even dark chocolate covered strawberries.
4.  Look cute!  I know it's a Super Bowl party, but wear form fitting clothes.  Show off your beautiful curves, no matter your size! You will actually stay on track with your eating when you wear something fitted, as opposed to big baggy clothes or elastic band pants. Why?  Because you will eat a little less because you can’t hide it.  *Note: wearing baggy clothing actually makes you look bigger.
5.  Try not to hang around the food table.  Positioning yourself by the food table will cause you to constantly graze throughout the night.  Make sure that you serve yourself on a plate so that you can physically see what you are about to eat...it will make you more conscious of your food choices.  Some people make the mistake of just picking through foods by hand (a chip here, a wing there) and before you know it, you've lost track of what you've eaten.
What to eat:  Fresh shrimp, edamame, unsalted nuts, whole grain chips/ pita and salsa, whole grain crackers and salmon or low fat cheeses and of course the fruit and veggie platters, dark chocolate and your chocolate dipped fruit.
What to avoid:  The usual chips and dips, mini quiches, sticky wings, sausage rolls, and other greasy finger foods, tarts, pies, sauces, candy dishes and boxes of milk chocolates.
6.  To drink or not to drink???  Some people are shocked when they find out how many calories are actually in that 1 little bottle of beer.  If you must drink it, then try and make it a light one.  There are some great choices nowadays, such as of Michelob Ultra (95 cals), Miller Lite (96 cals) and even Budweiser Select 55 (55 cals).  *These are for 12oz bottles.  Now, let's do the math....4 bottes at about 100 calories= 400 calories just in what you drank...now add the food you ate... WHOA!
Check out this site and find your fave beer; trust me you will be surprised.  http://www.beer100.com/beercalories.htm
What to drink:  Water is always a foolproof choice.  Cranberry cocktail – Mix cranberry juice, club soda, lime and ginger.  Red wine – Although wine still can add up in terms of calories, it is loaded with antioxidants. So sip and savor and alternate with water. Make wine spritzers by diluting with carbonated water.
What to avoid: Alcohol, soft drinks, sugary coffee drinks, sugary fruit juices. All of these can can destabilize your blood sugar leading to cravings that will be difficult to control despite your good intentions.  *If you must drink alcohol, try to stick to drinks that are translucent in color.  Avoid mixing drinks with Coke or creams.
7.  Mingle.  How fun is it to meet new people and catch up with friends?  Plopping yourself on the sofa or a chair inhibits you from making new connections.  By getting too comfortable, your heart rate ends up dropping and you burn fewer calories.  Try walking around and chat it up with friends.  Getting involved in good conversation will also prevent you from going to the table and getting more food.
Keep these tips in mind and you'll be golden.  So, have fun and enjoy yourself this Super Bowl.
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